Bizkaia-Durango and Euskadi-Murias decide to walk together


Euskadi Basque Country - Murias Taldea, with its goal of continuing to grow and becoming more and more global, has decided to have a women's team. The team, which has never wanted to supplant any existing structure, and that it has worked together with the two main squads of Euskadi in search of a collaboration. 

Finally, it has reached an agreement of collaboration with the Bizkaia Durango team, with the aim of advancing an integration of both structures and creating synergies between both teams. Agurtzane Elorriaga will be the manager of the women's team.

The sponsors of the women's team will be the originals, in other words, the Council of Bizkaia and the City Council of Durango. Euskadi Murias will also be added to the team name, which will be called Bizkaia Durango - Euskadi Murias. 

Statements by Agurtzane Elorriaga: "The main objective is that the best Basque racers are with us in the near future and work hand in hand with Euskadi - Murias in the development of the women's team. We want to create a structure of about 12 racers and a competitive schedule of around 40 days of international competition allows them to measure themselves with the best racers in the world. " 

Statements by Jon Odriozola, Sports Manager of Euskadi Basque Country - Murias Taldea: "Within our project, this step is very important because we believe in equal opportunities and we wanted to start this union as soon as possible. For the women's team I ask the same as for the men's team, patience and that Agurtzane has time to work on the project and that little by little he can create a team in which the best Basque racers will be in the future. "