Lekuona, Idirin and Pérez extend their contract with Bizkaia Durango-Euskadi Murias


Lierni Lekuona, Irati Idirin and Yessica Pérez are the first three confirmed riders in the 2018 Bizkaia Durango-Euskadi Murias UCI Women’s Team roster.

Lierni Lekuona (Lezo, Gipuzkoa, 1995) will complete in 2018 her fifth season racing for Bizkaia Durango-Euskadi Murias. This will also be her first year as an elite rider, after her four U23 seasons. Lekuona won in July the “Trofeo Ría de Marín,” which was the last race of the 2017 Spanish Cup. She also finished second in the Basque Cup overall classification. During the fall and the winter she is competing in the cyclo-cross season — and so far she has already gotten two wins.

Irati Idirin (Zeberio, Bizkaia, 1994) will face in 2018 her third season in the Bizkaia Durango-Euskadi Murias colors. She is a great team rider and her tireless work for the leaders provides certainty to the team.

Yessica Pérez (Linares, Jaén, 1992) was during 2017 a key piece for the Basque team, completing good performances in the Spanish Cup races. Her agressive style allowed her to be a protagonist in several breakaways, so in 2018 she will be for sure one of the riders who will make the Bizkaia Durango-Euskadi Murias jersey visible.

Statements from Agurtzane Elorriaga, Bizkaia Durango-Euskadi Murias DS, on these three contract extensions: “Lierni, Irati and Yessica are the riders called to give some ‘stability’ to the team, as they already know how we like to work and how important is for us to act as a closed group. This season they have been really important riders for the team, because of their results and because of their racing attitude. In 2018 they must take a step forward and Lierni and Yessica should be two of the Bizkaia Durango-Euskadi Murias team leaders, as they are perfectly capable of winning races in the Spanish Cup. Also, because of their physical condition, I truly believe they can start shining in the international competitions we will take part in.